Time to make some noise.

paleoRiot Mike Doyle

My name is Mike Doyle. First off, here is a little snippet about myself:

  • My sport is CrossFit.
  • My box is Crossfit 13 Stars
  • I love cooking paleo.
  • Music is my soul.
  • I own an animation company.

The end.

I bet you’re saying, “Hey man, that’s pretty awesome! You’re a sexy bitch.” Thank you. I’m blushing.

Although I follow my own path, I find that there are goals out there that I’ve had a hard time achieving. This year it all turns around. As I write this it’s December 28, 2013. I am a few days away from entering 2014. Now, like every new year I say to myself, “Self, you will do blah blah and blah.” I usually achieve those goals but they sometimes carry across a few years before that happens. This year I learned about real goal setting. That’s where you write out what you will accomplish and then work backwards to create a plan of action. What better way to make sure that I stay true to my daily rituals then to blog about it?

Great. This blog is continual a work in progress. But here are some things you can look forward to. Ready?

  • Weekly insight on training for my first half marathon in May. This will be replaced with a new goal after I run that sucker.
  • Fun videos that show paleo recipes I cook from blogs I love.
  • Interviews with people that inspire me so I can learn their techniques.
  • Rants about music.
  • Failures that I have along the way.
  • Q&A
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Challenges (ie, no drinking for X amt of days, no cheat meals, etc.)
  • And some other stuff I haven’t thought of yet

I thank you for joining me on this quest. If you believe in this please feel free to do any of the following –

Like me.
Tell people about me.
Watch me.
Sing along with me.

– Mike