Inspiration Talk: Nick Shaw (CEO/Founder of Renaissance Periodization )

I found out about the RP Diet back in October 2015 when my buddy Artie kept raving about it. Then my friend Bonnie started posting photos of her progress on Facebook and I was blown away.

So I did a little research and saw how a TON of people were making serious gains with their weight loss and strength goals. I signed up for the 3 month program and haven’t looked back. Macros are basically where it’s at if you want to change your body and Nick Shaw figured this out.

I reached out to Nick and asked if he’d be down to answer some questions and he was all about it. I was pretty fired up to say the least.

Below you’ll learn what he defines as healthy, why surrounding yourself with healthy friends helps stay the course, caffeine is helpful when having 2 kids, and why wanting to see them grow up can be the best motivation to stay healthy.

Give us a little background.

BS from Univ of Michigan in Kinesiology/Sport Management. 28 years old, live in Charlotte, NC. CEO/Founder of Renaissance Periodization (@rpstrength).

Why did you start working out?

Didn’t want to be average, never wanted to fit in. I enjoyed pushing my limits and always seeking to improve/be better.

Define healthy.

Fit, active, happy = healthy.

What is your mindset throughout the day?

Get stuff done, I have 2 small kids and run a small business. Not a lot of time to sit idly by.

What foods do you eat and stay away from?

Stay away from fast foods and trans fats.

How do you stay motivated to stay in shape?

I’ve always been motivated to get better, constantly improve. Lacking motivation is rarely an issue.

Do you feel that you have a lot of energy throughout the day?

Yes and no. With 2 small kids I’ve started using caffeine more often.

Do you surround yourself with healthy friends?

Yes of course. I’m sure people that aren’t into fitness don’t understand what I do and why I do it, the same holds true for non-fitness friends from my standpoint. My wife and I train together each weekday afternoon, work together, etc. We share a passion for what we do.

Alcohol. Yay or Nay?

I can count on 1 hand the number of drinks I’ve had in the last 6-7 years

What do you tell yourself when your mind tells you to give up?

Don’t settle or be average.

Who inspires you?

Those at the top of their craft.

What inspires you about them?

They pushed the boundaries and achieved what few others can ever dream of.

What books/blogs/movies inspire you?

Eh, don’t really have any go to.

Best strength move in your opinion and why?

Basic compound movements.

Fav music to workout to?


Favorite quote?

Don’t have one.

Best advice to anyone struggling to get in shape.

Find your why. Want to see your kids grow up? Want to be able to take care of yourself, etc? Find your why and use that as motivation.

If you are interested in cleaning up your diet then I HIGHLY recommend the RP Diet. You can learn more by CLICKING HERE