Inspiration Talk: Lochrane Gary (CrossFit RVC)

I reached out to some friends who I’ve interviewed for paleoRiot to see if they knew people with health success stories. George Rodriguez shot an email back immediately saying:

“Lochrane Gary. 33 year old married guy… went from about 330lbs in his mid 20’s to about 190. One of the smartest people I know when it comes to fitness.”

Below you will find out the weight he graduated high school with, what his rock bottom was, his thoughts on Bob Harper, and what you should enjoy when getting healthy.

Give us a little background. (ie, name, age, where you live, occupation, certifications [if any], how long you’ve been an athlete or into fitness)

Lochrane Gary, 32, currently in Lebanon, NH, I work as a CrossFit Coach, High School Lacrosse Coach, and Personal Trainer.  ACSM-CPT, CF L1, MTS (Movement Specialist),  B.S. Business Admin, Biology.

How long have you been an athlete?

14 Years.  I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete until after HS.  That’s when I really started to use my body for what i’s designed for.  I played Lacrosse at Florida State University, as a walk-on, since graduating I have been a gym rat.

Why did you start working out?

I graduated high school at 330lbs.  Although I played sports my consistent overeating lifestyle caught up with me.  After graduation I realized that I wasn’t healthy and was unhappy with my body.  From October ’01 until May ’02 I drastically cut my calories and started becoming more active.  It was the best decision I ever made.

What struggles did you face along the way?

I am constantly aware of what I eat, how I look, and what my mental state is about my body.  It can be exhausting.  I have been able to be consistent for 13+ years because I know what it feels like to be overweight and unhappy.  

What did you tell yourself when your mind told you to give up?

I never had a moment like that.  I was so unhappy living the way I had been that nothing deterred me from my goal.

Did you ever question that you would be able to accomplish your goal?

Honestly? No.  I had hit my “rock bottom.”  I set my mind to and I wanted it really bad.

Rock bottom for me was the realization that I was unhappy being overweight. I had a routine appendectomy in March ’01, after complications with the procedure a physician told me that I needed to take care of my body, it took a few months but I made the change. ​

What exercise method did you use to get in shape?

I started doing push ups, sit ups, and walking/running.  Every night before I would go to bed I would do 5 sets to failure of push ups and sit ups.  Then every morning I would get up at 5-6am and run/walk 2+ miles.

Would you recommend it to anyone as a starting point?

Yes.  Although it was unguided I knew that being more active than I was is better than the alternative of no activity.

Are you sustaining a healthy lifestyle now?


Who inspires you? (this doesn’t have to be someone famous)

Bob Harper from Biggest Loser

What inspires you about them?

He has helped so many people in his 15+ years on the show.  He also lives the lifestyle.  That’s really important to me. 

What books/blogs/movies inspire you?

I wouldn’t say I have anything that really inspires me but I really love the Jason Bourne series movies.

Best strength move in your opinion and why?

The Squat.  It provides the foundation for the rest of your body.  It is the most basic function of human movement; the ability to sit down and stand up. In most countries the resting position is the bottom of the squat.

I like to hear (fill in the blank) music when I work out.

What’s currently in the hopper… Wiz Khalifa, Sam Hunt, Florida-Georgia Line, Jake Owen, Hoodie Allen, Kid Ink, J Cole, Jay Z, T Pain, Chiddy Bang, B.O.B.

Best advice to anyone struggling to get in shape?

Be consistent and persistent.  The only way to be successful is to constantly work toward your goal. Most important… Enjoy the journey.  When it’s all said and done you should have learned a lot from your successes and mistakes.