This is the “Kicking It Around the Country Tour 2015”

About a month ago I announced that I was selling/donating all of my shit and checking out of NJ. I’ve stayed true to my word and am currently sitting on a couch in South Boston, VA writing this blog post. Yes that’s right. South Boston, VA. Never knew it existed but luckily my good buddy Jay and his wife Devin are letting me crash in their place for a few days before I head down to Raleigh. Yes I have heard of Raleigh.

When I posted that I was bailing on the NJ and wandering around the country, like Caine from Kung Fu, I got a TON of feedback. It was insane. My facebook messanger exploded with people telling me that they thought it was awesome. Others told me that they were dealing with or had dealt with depression. Having people completely open up about that was wild. You know you are onto something when things like this happen. It let me know that there’s something more to this blog than just having a verbal outlet.

I get a total enjoyment out of writing on here. I truly do. It’s scary at times because I’m very honest and transparent but that’s just who I am so I’m gonna run with it. This blog and my company are my 2 passions. I think the issue is that I am trying to figure out if I should stick with one or the other.

My company makes animations for businesses struggling to define what they do. We do some pretty cool shit but I want it to make a difference. I want us to help companies who are truly passionate about fixing issues in the world. For example, we are talking to a company right now that turns trash into energy. That’s pretty amazing to me and I hope we are able to work with them.

That brings me back to this blog. I find a real passion in writing but I second guess what I say a lot. You find yourself questioning if anyone gives a shit about what you are saying but then I have to take a step back and realize that it has to serve me. The benefit is that it can possibly help others. At the end of the day I love helping other people so I hope that this quest that I am on will someday open doors for others to say to themselves that they can do whatever it is they truly want to do.

None of this is comfortable. I am 35 and just got rid off 95% of my stuff. I literally have no bed. It should probably scare me more than it does but I feel very calm about it. It took me a year to work this out in my head. I NEVER truly thought I would actually do this but one day I had enough and took massive action. After you take that leap it’s like,”Hmm, that actually wasn’t that bad”.

The benefit of traveling these past 8 days is that I have got a chance to stay with family and friends. The amount of deep conversations you have with people is truly eye opening. There is not one day that goes by where I don’t connect with someone on a higher level. Apparently inviting someone into your house who lives in their car has this cool effect of starting conversations about life. I kind of love it. I would have never had these opportunities if I never left.

Before exiting NJ I lived alone in my apartment for an entire year and sometimes secluded myself. Going from that to being around people every single day is an adjustment but it’s refreshing to see how much they let you into their lives. Not the bullshit we all post on Facebook but true one on one conversation where everyone opens up about how things are really going. It’s incredible.

The purpose of my travels are to go back to who I was when I knew what happiness felt like on a daily basis. I find that I am still having a hard time with this but I am determined to fight through it. At the end of the day I know that happiness is in all of us. Sometimes it’s just clouded by the bullshit we create in our heads. Even though I know all of this, I can’t clear away the smoke right now.

Tomorrow I head to Raleigh and then Atlanta followed by Austin. The immediate benefit from leaving NJ is that I am entering warmer weather so shorts will be worn way more.

Thanks to my family for surprising me in Bridgewater, MA and giving me places to stay in Cape Cod, DE and Virginia Beach. I hope that Rob Duncan likes the name that I gave this journey in my post’s title. He was very upset that I didn’t have a name for this adventure. Here’s to “Kicking it Around the Country”.



  • J. Edward D’Amico

    Safe travels, my Friend! Hope you find what you are looking for. m/ m/

    • doyleRiot

      I’m sure I will 😉