Half Mary 2014

I lost my Dad October 27, 2013 to a stroke he had while battling sepsis. This was brought on by an unknown tumor which burst in his colon and got into his blood stream. He fought insanely hard for 30 days but lost the battle 1 month to the day when he went into the hospital.

I didn’t start 2013 thinking that my Dad was going to die. I don’t start any day thinking that any of my loved ones are going to die. Needless to say something like this is a bit of a kick in the ass. The week after he passed I started asking myself what can I learn from this? What’s the life lesson here? Besides the fact that it’s very clear I am on the radar for colon cancer. Colonoscopies at the age of 40 instead of 50 are in my future.


We did a WOD for him at Heroes Journey called The Kev (which you can check out here if you ever want to do it) but I want to do more than one thing in honor of his name. So I signed up for the Super Hero Half and created a team for him. We have a few family members and friends who will be running the race so this should be epic.

My goal is just to complete the race. I don’t care about my time. I just want to pass the finish line and have this be one giant start to many more goals I will accomplish. I’ll be posting about my journey so you can see first hand the ups and downs of training for something like this. Comments and posts will be greatly welcome in keeping me motivated.

  • Roderick

    Mike, when is the race? I’d love to see if I can run with/for you!

  • Roderick

    Mike, when is the race? I’d love to see if I could run for/with you!

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