How I Plan to Change Everything

For the past year I’ve been struggling to find what truly makes me happy. So I have embarked on a mission to educate the shit out of myself to figure all of this out. As Bono stated “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” Why is this you ask? I don’t know. I am a very passionate guy and live off of my gut 100% of the time. If it doesn’t feel right I quickly bail. Well… I’d like to think that I quickly bail. Sometimes I linger but I’ve been working on that.

In my quest to find Mike Doyle’s happiness I have done the following:

  • Meditation
  • Ran a half marathon (in 2:30:00 which isn’t great but now I have a benchmark to beat next time)
  • Lost 15 lbs with crossfit, paleo diet, some spin classes (thanks to Julie Spragg) and cut back this summer with my drinking
  • Wrote down some very personal stuff in this blog
  • Worked on building my animation company (

It’s been working pretty well but I’m still not 100% satisfied with my life. Granted I work for myself and have total control over who I am. There’s a lot of pressure in that, though. When work is slow then that’s ALL on me. I am my paycheck. I am also the paycheck of a ton of other people. So yeah, pressure.

I love Drive 80. I truly do. But I also love this blog. I love being healthy and having people watch my personal journey to wake up every day and be super excited to just fucking crush it. There is nothing like being totally fired up to be alive the moment you wake up. Nothing. So where does my happiness come from? Let’s see:

  • Closing deals with Drive 80 after prospecting my ass off
  • Having my team release an animation for Drive 80 that our clients LOVE (like this one
  • Writing and creating content for paleoRiot

Hmmmm, so there we have it. I have 2 loves. Drive 80 and paleoRiot. “So where the fuck are you going with this Mike?” Great question voice in my head!

I have decided that I want to make a living off of both. Yup. That’s it. To do this I am going to be transparent about how I will grow this blog. First task, learn from other folks who make a living off of creating content. Some examples are Tim Ferriss, Nick Unsworth, my new buddy Andrew Wee and anyone else out there who is crushing life with their blogs.

The first issue I have is asking myself who the fuck am I? Am I an expert? Do people give a shit about what I am talking about? Do I have the commitment it takes to make this happen?

The answers to all of this is I am not sure. That’s why I decided to just be transparent. I don’t know everything about health or nutrition or how to rework your brain to bounce off negativity. But that’s where I think this blog will be useful.

I didn’t know how to run a half marathon. But I did it back in May and now I can tell people how I did it and what didn’t work in my favor. I also never went through a divorce and couldn’t teach anyone how to get through it. But this year I got divorced and can talk to anyone and tell them what I did to not completely break down. I can also educate people on how to deal with piece of shit pony tail wearing ex-friends who are opportunists and how not to stab them in the eyes. I’ve definitely become a HUGE expert on that one.

So yeah, that’s how this blog was established and that’s how I will continue it. I’m just going to document my experiences and write about what I have learned. Hopefully people will get some value from this and get inspired to change their lives as well. Even writing all of this has made me feel SOOO much better. Shit has been stuck in my head for months and now it’s out.

Maybe I’ll write some shit articles or create some blah videos. Maybe I’ll write some great articles and create some amazing videos. As long as I just do it and stop analyzing every fucking thing I do before I release it to the world. That’s a step in the right direction of my happiness and passion.

So here is my plan:

  • Blog a lot more
  • Ask people to give me challenges (AKA no drinking for 30 days, run another half marathon, run a full marathon, meditate for 3 hours, etc)
  • Write and sell a few eBooks (I already have the topics in my head)
  • Make more cooking videos (like these)
  • Create some cool shirts to sell
  • Post more interviews with inspirational people
  • Create video interviews with inspirational people (like this one I did with Coach Mike DelaTorre)
  • Other shit

I would love some help and a few cheers along the way because I am a person who loves positive reinforcement. Again, full transparency. 😉

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I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Ready. Shoot. Aim.