You can’t.

I have lived life by my own rules since my years as a small child. We had an old school typewriter in our house and for some reason I was intrigued by it. So I touched the keys. My dad said,”Don’t do that”, and slapped my hands. I looked at him and then did it again. “Don’t do that”. Smack. You see where this is going. There was another time where I got out of my crib in the early hours of the morning, opened the front door and crossed the street to play in the sand box at the Jung’s house. Needless to say my mom had a heart attack looking for her missing child until she spotted me digging away from the living room window.

My rebellious side has taught me that I love when someone says,”You can’t”. My response to them is usually civil but in my head I’m like fuuuuuhhhhhuuuuuck that. People like to tell other people that they can’t do something because THEY are the one who can’t. I don’t know why people put so much energy in trying to convince someone that their goals and dreams are wrong. Who the fuck are you? Where do you get the balls to tell me what I can accomplish? And why does it matter to you? Anything can be accomplished. What matters is the time and dedication you put into it. I truly believe that I can do whatever I want. Now, will I go climb Mt Everest?



Because I choose not to do that. It doesn’t appeal to me. But that might be someone’s passion. To them I say DO IT. If I listened to every person who told me I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted then I wouldn’t have toured the country in a band when I was 18-21 or worked for myself since the age of 26. Take THAT naysayers.

The reason I am writing this today is because I have established a challenge to myself to get in stupid shape. I’m talking wash board abs shape. The kind that will open doors for Christmas Abbot to want to date me.  I love you. I’m kidding about the part where I think it will get hot girls to talk to me. Even though I’ve mentioned that girls are scary, I don’t believe I am out of anyone’s league. That’s not cocky. That’s mindset.

The idea is to prove that I can be in the best shape of my life. Sure there is the benefit of walking around with my shirt off all the time including the winter but that’s a bonus.

When I started paleoRiot I stated that,”I am selfishly using this blog to hold myself accountable to bettering myself”. One of the ways to do that is to announce on here certain challenges. That way friends who read this and see me on the street can call me out if I’m not doing what I set out to do. So what’s the challenge? Great question. For the next 30 days I have set up a few rules. They are as follows:

  • All Paleo Sunday – Friday
  • No drinking alcohol Monday – Friday
  • No beer at all (fml) just tequila or red wine on Saturday and Sunday
paleoRiot no beer
  • I have to CrossFit 4 days a week
  • I have to complete 12 miles total of running each week

This might not seem like a hard challenge to some since I can drink on Saturday and Sunday but I’m limiting my intake to 5 drinks each day. JK. 4.

After this challenge I plan on doing 30 days of no alcohol. That’s right people. No. Alcohol. In. July. Last year I did a 30 day no alcohol challenge and it was brutal but I made it with an exception of day 28 drinking at a wedding. I mean COME ON. I needed to dance. I made some decent gains but fell back into bad habits. The goal this time is to not let that happen.

The point of the first 30 days is to ease into the July challenge. If I just quit cold turkey then I would be setting myself up for failure. That’s not an option. I plan on posting a before and after pic at the end of this 30 day run and then another after July. That’s pretty scary to do but I’m doing it. It’s all about testing and measuring

I am also keeping a food journal which I will post at the end. That way you can see what I did and maybe it will be helpful for you. The thing I would like to make VERY CLEAR is that I don’t expect to have 6 pack abs at the end of 60 days. This is to kick start my journey to get there. I will have plenty of other challenges through the year to accomplish my main goal. Consider this the kick starter.

I forgot to mention that I started 3 days ago. Here’s to making waves.