About - paleoRiot!paleoRiot!


The Short Version

CrossFit / Paleo / Cook (not professionally) / Musician / Graphic Designer / Animator / Here to make some noise.

Just sold 95% of all my shit and now I am nomading around the US and then hopefully the world until I decide to stop.

The (Not So) Short Version

Have you ever felt that there was something more to your life than what society tells you it should be? I’ve felt that way since I was little and have rebelled against the “norm” in every way possible. Yet, there are so many goals that I have yet to accomplish. That’s why I created paleoRiot. I am selfishly using this blog to hold myself accountable to better myself. In doing so, I hope to help people see that they can create large goals and accomplish them.

I always read success stories AFTER they lose all the weight, run the marathon or pull themselves out of a dark place in life. Granted they are very inspiring but I want to witness the journey from beginning to end. That’s what paleoRiot is all about. You’ll be able to check in daily/weekly to see all the milestones I will hit along the way.

“Why should I give a crappolla?” Good question. And the answer is you don’t have to. Like I said, I am selfishly doing this to better my life but I am sure the side effect will be inspiration to anyone looking to do the same. That’s my hope. That’s my vision. That’s paleoRiot.