60 days down. Whole life to go…

I am currently 60 days into my challenge. Here’s how it is going so far:

  • First 30 days I cut out beer
  • Past 30 days I cut out all booze
  • I competed in my first CrossFit event and PR’d 30lbs during the strength piece (175# HPC to Overhead X3)
  • I feel bad ass
  • My shirt has been coming off just a little bit more in public
  • Here’s my food journal

I did pretty awesome not drinking the last 30 days . The only drinks I had were an 8oz 12% alc pale ale on Wed July 30 at one of my favorite bars Hops in Morristown. This was due to the fine state of NJ finalizing my divorce. It only made sense to have one. I also had 2 coronas after following my fellow CrossFit 13 Stars peeps all day Saturday August 2 as they ran 92 miles from the Delaware Water Gap to the beaches of Manasquan, NJ. I plan on doing this race next year. I hope they have an opening on their team… Cough…

I didn’t start my challenge with a plan for the next 30 days. I wanted to see how well I did the first 2 months. But here’s the thing, life doesn’t stop after 60 days of doing something. Therein lies the real challenge. I can’t just go back to my old ways because what the fuck would be the point, right? It’s not like I can just do 60 days worth of healthy living and then say “That was fun! Looks like I don’t have to do shit for the rest of my life.” That’s what I’ve been doing all through my 20s and the beginning of my 30s. This isn’t an option any more.

What I have decided to do is advance on where I am at. The last 2 months really helped me understand how my body works when it deals with whatever I consume. I’ve had a few cheat meals and REALLY noticed how that shit messes with my body. It’s not pleasant and it effects my performance when it comes to working out.

Looking back I noticed that my portions were not very balanced so I am now dabbling in the Zone Diet. This is where you eat about 5 meals a day and focus on your portions. The simple way to look at it is to measure out your protein to fit the size of your hand (sans fingers) and it should be the thickness as well. This should be 1/3 of your plate. Then the rest you load up with healthy veggies and fruits since those are your carbs. Fats make up a small portion of this.

Now, this is the super simple way of conceptualizing Zone. There’s actually a shit ton of math involved and I feel like my fucking head is going to explode trying to understand how many blocks I should have in a meal. I’ve decided to spend the next 30 days doing some trial and error. Here’s how it will go:

  • Stick with 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack)
  • I bought a food scale so now I have to figure out how to use it
  • Cut back on the amount of protein and add more veggies then I have to get more carbs in me and watch the amount of fats I am consuming
  • Get my blood work done because I have been super tired lately and want to know what’s up
  • Get my real body fat measurements (I would love to go to a place that dunks you in water to get the real measurements so if you live in Northern NJ and know of a place tell me about it in the comments below)
  • Keep reading about Zone and try to get Matt Chan to become my new BFF

There you have it. My other challenge is to create a blog post every week for the next month. This can be an article or more videos on how to cook paleo stuff. I just recorded 4 new videos so my lazy ass just has to edit them.

What are you challenging yourself with? Leave a comment below and impress me.