3 Months in and then some…

This post should have been up 2 weeks ago but I’m lazy. I was also too busy writing this which I posted last week. This blog has turned into a nice mix of therapy and sharing food ideas.

This summer I challenged myself to get some shit done. So I did it. Normally when people take on a task of losing weight they focus on what they will look like at the end of a 90 day challenge. I saw June – August as a way to learn about how my body deals with food and exercise. Think of it as a body hacking experiment. After keeping a food journal I learned a few things:

  • My portions were ridiculously big
  • Intermittent fasting is fucking stupid
  • I needed to up my cardio
  • Alcohol is yummy and missed during the summer
  • Mindset is EVERYTHING

I went to Be Well in Morristown and spoke with owner Marisa Sweeney about 60 days into my challenge. She just happens to geek out on nutrition which is why I reached out to her. I was confused why my weight loss wasn’t extreme like everyone else I see on google, facebook, wherever. Like these people:

paleoRiot 90 day pic 1 paleoRiot 90 day pic 3 paleoRiot 90 day pic 2

Turns out that my food choices were awesome but my portions were kind of stupid. She educated me on how to eat and also gave me a little guide on how one can use their hand to portion food. Here it is:

paleoRiot portions with hand

Apparently I was eating about 3 “hands” of protein per meal. I am sure some work out maniacs can handle that but for now I need to RELAX on the amount of dead animal I consume.

Another set back was August. Beer crept back into the mix and made me drink it. I didn’t want to but it’s very persuasive. I have now refocussed and reached out to a buddy of mine, Chris from CrossFit 13 Stars, with a challenge for both of us. 30 Days of:

  • CrossFit 4 times/week
  • 2 extra days of cardio
  • 3 drinks per week (Minus this Saturday because I am hosting a Clown Bar Crawl in Morristown)
  • Paleo eating
  • 1 Cheat Meal per week

The penalty for failing any of the following will be 100 burpees for each fail. Yup.

You have to challenge yourself every day because life doesn’t end after 30 or 90 days. I know I will not live a perfect life but I am doing my best to live better and not the opposite of that. I’ve made some great gains but I’m not even close to accomplishing my goal(s).

Here’s to another 30. And then another. And another. You can see where I am going with this.




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  • Silver Raven

    Ah, I hope your weight loss goes well. : ) Do you know, are burpees the best exercise to do to lose weight? I know that’s off subject lol, but I’ve been looking around trying to find the best at home exercise to lose fat. Are burpees it?

    • doyleRiot

      I mean, burpees are great but you can’t just do one exercise and expect it to work. UNLESS it’s squats. Heavy squats can get you some sick results but even then you need other shit to keep you motivated.

      Also, diet is 90% of the game. No joke. I gave up drinking for 20 weeks this summer and saw some great results. I didn’t get a 6 pack stomach or anything but small t-shirt became loose.

      I’d recommend finding out 100% why you want to get in shape and from there make a plan for 90 days that you can stick to. After those 90 days, change it up and do something new. This goes back to just doing burpees. People can’t expect to do something for a few months and then have that sustain them for the rest of their life.

      Health is daily so you have to find why you want to be healthy, match that with healthy eating (I suggest paleo or http://renaissanceperiodization.com/) and then exercise 4-5 times per week.

      It’s honestly that simple but you just have to fucking show up.

      • Silver Raven

        Ah… okay. :3 Thank you for the advice. Do you know where I can find online how to do proper squats? I try to at least do some push ups everyday, starting a few days ago. I’ve never really been a “fit” person I don’t think and so I’m trying to change that. I’ve also been starting to drink ALOT more water. Usually I don’t drink much water X3

        What exercises should I do other than squats? I’m trying to find exercises to do that don’t involve equipment since I definitely can’t go to a gym lol.,.

        • doyleRiot

          This was a pretty solid workout plan that I did over the summer. Very simple but I got pretty fucking strong – http://stronglifts.com/

          My best advice would be to start believing you are a fit person today. Surround yourself with fit people and anything that involves fitness if this is something you truly want. Test out different exercises to see what you like and then you will know what works for you. Try a running club one day, a spin class, yoga, crossfit, boxing, kickboxing, etc. Just spend the next month taking one intro class in everything to see what excites you.

          Crossfit was what finally got me excited to workout. It was super intense but fun and they cranked music while we worked out which I fucking loved. Now I’ve been doing a lot more yoga because of internal stresses that occurred after my divorce and Dad died.

          Unless you are highly motivated and determined to get in shape, working out alone and JUST doing squats won’t work. Fitness is 90% mental. If you believe you are not fit or “can’t do something” then you are correct. But when you believe it then you become what you see in your head.

          Sounds all sorts of hippie dippy but it’s 100% fact.

          • Silver Raven

            Oh… hm… okay. :3