3 Day Organic Cleanse – Done

3 Days ago I started a cleanse to get all of this shit out of my system. I have been hitting party mode hard since October(ish) and it got worse in December due to “The Holidays”. I love how I give myself this excuse every year. This summer I busted my ass to lose weight and then I added some padding on top of the sweet sweet muscles I’ve built. The good thing is that I mentally know how to get myself back to where I was and go even further than before since I already have a nice base under the weight I put on.

To start off 2015 I wrote out a plan which I stated here. I will eventually share my documentation on how I am keeping track of everything but for right now let’s focus on the journal I kept while doing the cleanse. It’s not very in depth but it captures where my head was at each moment of the day when I had to drink each juice.

Before we jump into the experience I went through, let me explain the drinks. Now, I don’t 100% know what each one of them was. Maybe that’s not the best idea but I trust Luciana Contuzzi who owns Zest. I know that all 6 were different mixes of different things ranging from mint and citrus to ginger and beets.

2 of the drinks were pretty brutal (4 and 5). I did find that drinking them at room temperature helped a lot even though you have to keep them in the fridge majority of the time. After I drank one of the juices I would take the other one out of the fridge and keep it next to me to get it a little warmer. NOTE: You would drink your first juice when you woke up and then have each of the following juices 2 hours after the other.

The following is what I journaled throughout the past 3 days:

Day one

9:30am First cleanse. Definitely celery and lemon. Wasn’t expecting that.

11:30am Second cleanse. Tasted awesome. Had mint in it I think.

1:30pm Drink 3 done. Ehhh, not bad. Feeling a little weak and sad. Honestly almost broke down. I might mention that I’ve been taking a cleanse powder for a week or so before today so that’s probably still kicking the shit out of my system. The depression hasn’t been helping either. Ugh.

1:50pm Feeling cold and tired. Probably should take a nap. My jaw is also starting to get sore. No idea what that’s about. I’m definitely agitated.

3pm 15 min power nap

3:30pm Wow #4 is super sour!

5:30pm Drink 5. Beets, ginger and lemon. FML.

7:30pm Drink 6. Some kind of cashew milk. I think this one is thrown in for keeping people sane.

All in all I made it and have 2 days left.

Day 2

Slept well and woke up positive but then felt drained.

8am First drink. Boom.

10am Had second drink warm. Made it easier to drink. I think this and #6 are my favorites.

12pm Drink 3 going down. Just took a 20 min nap due to feeling exhausted.

2pm Drink 4. Fuck my life.

2:30pm Feeling pretty cold. Granted it’s 2 degrees outside.

4:30pm Drank the beet juice in my car before playing some simulator golf. Drinks 4 and 5 are like choking down glass.

6:30pm Thank you sweet baby Jesus for #6. It’s a like a party in my mouth. You get what I mean.

Day 3

5:45am Woke up to intern at CrossFit 13 Stars. Had energy at class and wasn’t hungry.

9am Drank my 1st drink. 5 to go bitches.

11am Why can’t they all taste like drink 2?

12:30pm Starting to crash a little. Might be due to sitting in front of a computer screen. Cravings for solid food come and go. Not struggling as much today. Probably due to it being the last day.

1pm Drink 3 down. Getting mentally prepared for 4 and 5.

3pm Kept this one at room temperature and chugged this fucker. Soooo sour.

5pm Made this one room temperature also and slammed half down and then the other half down in 2 minutes. Tasted a little sweeter today for some reason but DAMN can you taste the ginger.

7pm Oh drink 6, how I love you. You’re my best friend.

All in all the 3 days went pretty fast. I currently have more energy than I did on days 1 and 2. I mentally went through some crazy shit Monday and Tuesday for some reason. Do I think the cleanse made me happy? No idea. I think that it made me happy to know that it was over today.

I feel that this cleanse helped me get neutral. My body was out of whack from the holiday and this helped me get centered. I feel more focussed and lighter. My energy today is better than it was when I started. There were small headaches here and there and sometimes I felt cold but nothing lasted. I think if my eating habits were more unhealthy then I would have struggled a lot more.

One thing to note is that people asked me if I was going to the bathroom a lot. To tell you the truth I just had to pee a ton. I did drink a lot of water throughout the day so that helped drain everything. Something else to keep in mind is that when you eat or drink anything with a lot of beets your urine turns red. So if you are going to do a cleanse don’t freak out when you see that. It’s kind of cool actually. BUT that’s just me.

There you have it. 3 day organic cleanse. Will I do this again anytime soon? Nah, I’m good for now. I would, however, recommend this over the 21 day cleanse I did a few years back which involved a colonic. I will say that the colonic was pretty badass. You’d be amazed how much sugar you have in your body when you eat poorly.

Next up is seeing how my blood work goes. I really think I have a vitamin D deficiency but we shall see this week. I’ll be posting about it when the results come in.

Feel free to post comments and ask questions. I’m always down to give advice.