I signed up for a Half Marathon back in January so I could do something in honor of my Dad. The funny thing is that he hated running so I have no idea why I thought doing that for 13.1 miles was a way to pay homage. Anyway, I ran it yesterday and finished in 2:33. No that’s not 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

I did not run a lot leading up to this race. In fact, the longest I ran was 4 miles. Once. The thing that got me through this was Crossfit. Luckily this shit works or I would have been fuuuhhhuuuuhhuucked. Do I recommend doing what I did? No way. I will make sure to train with a nice mixture of CF and long runs the next time I do a Half. I hope to shave off some time in doing so.

A few other things got me through the race. One was having a picture of my Dad pinned to the front of my shirt. He may have hated running but he ran this with me yesterday.

Another was my cousin Ricky keeping pace with me. He could have crushed this thing but told me from the start that he was going to get me through it. It was pretty awesome because this dude runs all the time and has completed marathons. Hell, he even did a Half the day before our race. He’s an animal.

My mind was the final motivation. I knew that I had to complete 13 miles so I just stayed focussed on that. Every mile was an accomplishment. At mile 10 my feet started to get a little dicey but I just backed off my pace so I could breath and move. Sometimes that’s all you can do in life. When you’re in the shit you have to assess what’s going on and stick it out because nothing bad lasts. This can be pain, sadness, or anything negative. It all comes and goes so you have to just breath and move. Giving up is never an option. Even when sad thoughts from my life started to enter my head I pushed them out. I had too much going on to let that crap stop me.

Running this sucker was one thing but what to do after was a whole other story. If you decide to run a half or a full marathon I suggest buying the following for after the race:

1. Coconut water for rehydration

coconut water

2. Bananas for potassium

paleoRiot banana

“I am a BANANA!”

3. Foam roller. It’s the blue thing under her legs.

paleoRiot foam roller

4. Pedialyte for more rehydration

paleoRiot pedialyte

5. Imodium. I wasn’t aware that your insides aren’t a fan of 2 hour races.

paleoRiot imodium

I am no Doctor or professional fitness guy. I am just telling you what I did and it was very helpful. I’d like to thank my cousin Jeffery for the advice on 4 and 5. That saved a good portion of my day.

Here’s the the next challenge I complete.